Saturday, August 19, 2006

Blogger Beta Bummer

I am both loyal and lazy, and those qualities combined mean I tend to stay with a mediocre product, service, or, for that matter, job long past the point that most people would give up and look for something better. That holds for the free service of Blogger.

They just released the beta version of Blogger and I thought, "what the hell, how different can it be," and reconfigured my account. Posts in the new version load much faster than before, and the spell check is enormously improved. After a few days I decided to see if I could make some changes to my highly customized template, only to find that I had to allow Blogger to totally reconfigure the template to the new version. I made a backup and let blogger do its job, figuring I could always paste in my old HTML if I had to.

Well, guess what: Blogger hasn't got an HTML template editor in the new version! They say it's coming, but I would have liked to have known that it no longer existed at all before making the switch. So I had to cut and paste my old blog roll into separate parts in the new "page elements" feature, hardly a satisfactory compromise for me. I also had to find a new template I could live with until I had a chance to redo my customizations. The changes you see on the page are the best I could do.

I can't say I'm real happy with the "new" design. Not only is it not as unique as my old design, but I've lost some of the changes I really liked, like a reduced size for the items in the post footer and full control over the sidebar elements. I've also lost the ability to have Digg It and links for each post, this on a day that someone actually decided to Digg something of mine -- by the way, thanks nailinmyeye.

But as I said at the start, I'm loyal and lazy, a perfect customer, and I probably won't switch to another service unless Blogger gets a whole lot more annoying, or drops the edit template feature altogether.

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