Friday, August 25, 2006

God Mocks White Sox Fans

The Chicago White Sox have always been the second team in Chicago. Despite their history of losing, the Cubs have always been the most loved team in the city. However, despite their long wait between world series wins, the White Sox have had more consistently strong teams over the years than the Cubs have, a trend that finally rewarded them with a World Series victory in 2005.

While most predicted the Sox would repeat as division champions, if not American League and World Series champions, this year the Sox have not been as good as they were last yer. Though they have one of the best records in the league, they have been in the shadow of the Detroit Tigers all year, and their much praised starting pitchers have been inconsistent at best, not inspiring any confidence in a post-season run like last year's.

As an added insult, the universe has also thrusted the following upon White Sox fans: he Chicago Cubs, one of the worst teams in baseball in the first half of the season, has a better record since the All Star break than do the White Sox. The Cubs are at 19-19 since the break, and this weekend play the faltering St. Louis Cardinals, a team they have dominated this year. Meanwhile, the Sox have an 18-21 record since the All Star game. Most of the Sox losses came in an extended bad run right after the break. they've been playing better more recently, and this weekend seek to expand their Wild Card lead against the Minnesota Twins.

The fact that the Cubs are playing equally as well as the White Sox should frighten Sox fans more than a little. Perhaps an extra prayer or two would help, or maybe a few servings of billy goat stew. Certainly, something must be done to appease the baseball gods.

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