Friday, August 25, 2006

The Following Story Is Not News

Phoenix is in the middle of a desert, and the soil there just can't hold much water. So on the rare occasions when it rains heavily, the washs and arroyos that are everywhere in the city fill up and Phoenix experiences flash floods.

Yet every time it rains heavily, some idiot decides that they can ignore the street signs that warn them not to cross through a wash when the road is flooded, gets himself trapped, and has to be rescued. It happens like clockwork, and usually the "victim" of is some SUV driver who thinks himself invulnerable to the laws of physics that apply to other drivers. It really doesn't deserve to be called news.

It happened again in the recent rains in the Valley.

Heavy rain caused flooding in the Phoenix area Thursday, turning normally dry riverbeds into raging rivers and trapping motorists.

Firefighters waded into the Indian Bend Wash to help two people out of two cars and walk them out of the swift knee-deep water.

This is near where my relatives live and where I grew up. There are plenty of signs telling people not to cross.
Elsewhere, a woman driving through a flooded Phoenix intersection became trapped momentarily, but firefighters rescued her without incident, said Mike Sandulak, a division chief with the Phoenix Fire Department. Several other cars were stranded in the intersection but no one else needed to be rescued.

Emergency personnel in other jurisdictions also reported calls to pull people from stranded vehicles.

Some of these people may have been caught accidentally by the floods, but my experience tells me that is unlikely. Not recognizing the danger of heavy rains, they decided to ignore the warnings of street signs and press their luck. Bad move.

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