Friday, August 25, 2006

Time According To Blogger

The other day I wrote about some of the troubles I had with the new blogger, primarily that I could not edit the new template's HTML. The official Blogger Buzz wrote that this functionality would be coming in "days not weeks." That was 8 days ago, and thus we are now in the time frame of weeks not days.

Even though I tend to be loyal, I'm getting a little peeved. This layout is nice, but it isn't me, and it has some serious flaws compared to what I had before. Most importantly, I can't place the "I Stand With Israel" javascript in the upper right, a circumstance about which I'm not happy at all, seeing as how I do stand with Israel. I also can't display any of the Google ads I signed up for now that I'm using the beta version of Google's own blogging system, a strange problem given it's all the same company.

So I wait, impatiently.

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