Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Midnight News -- 8/9/06

Political strife reaches the funeral services for an Israeli soldier.

St. Petersburg enjoys a Jewish renaissance.

A Russian construction company barred some politicians from entering a worksite. They subsequently found themselves being charged as an extremist organization under a draconian new law in that country. The politicians came to investigate whether the company had heeded environmental regulations, and for refusing their entry, the company could have its property confiscated.

An Arizona construction worker was successfully rescued from underneath 200 tons of concrete.

In Boston, the police celebrate successful drug deals with champagne. It's probably regional, like Patriots Day and corn muffins.

A Mississippi woman is sought by the FBI after she heated two quarts of oil then dumped it on her husband, killing him. They had only been married a short time, and authorities have no idea what the motive might have been. No word on seasonings used in the murder. As I am unfamiliar with Southern cuisine, I decline to speculate.

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