Saturday, August 26, 2006

These Nazis Get A Protest

It's nice to know that at least one instance of Americans resisting a fascist rally gets favorable news coverage.

Hundreds of people jeered and taunted a group of neo-Nazis who rallied against immigration policy and the Iraq war Saturday on the steps of the state Capitol.

Police estimated about 800 people showed up to counter the Minneapolis-based National Socialist Movement's speakers, but a brief rainstorm thinned the crowd.

Police said 64 neo-Nazis lined the Capitol steps.

Of course, these Nazis make it easy: they take essentially the same name as Hitler's party, and they wear brown uniforms with little arm bands. They are so easy to spot that they succeeded in becoming the target of a pompous newspaper editorial.

But I suspect the mass denunciations are a function of the group's obviousness and inherent weakness. These are alienated white losers who are the remotest of threats to the public at large. They are easy to spot, are not likely to fight back, and thus easy to denounce.

It is rather pathetic that we can so loudly decry these people but shrink to even notice fascists who are Muslim. In the case of Islamic fascism, we fail to see the same hatred, violence, and ideological rigidity that the gentlemen in Madison displayed on Saturday. In fact, not only do we fail to notice, we often fall all over ourselves to prove that we don't notice, endlessly repeating the mantra that "Islam is a religion of peace" and justifying genocidal intentions by pointing out all of Israel's mistakes and none of the Islamofascist crimes.

Protesting the neo-nazis is a useless display given the threat we face from fascists of a different faith.

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