Thursday, August 10, 2006

Midnight News -- 8/10/06

Many are propounding on the meaning of Joe Lieberman's loss in the Connecticut Senate primary. Unfortunately, not one of them has a real clue what his defeat really means for November. In fact, the whole menagerie of predictions is so clue-deficient that even pointing out the general cluelessness is probably clueless.

The Cuban government is threatened by American television. There may be up to 10,000 satellite dishes in Cuba, each linked to dozens of televisions by surreptitiously strung cables. The brittle character of the Marxist state is exposed by this paranoia.

The mayor of Nagasaki has called on both the U.S. and North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons. He is one of the few people whose motives are pure when making such a pronouncement.

A journalist from a British tabloid has been charged with eavesdropping on Prince Charles' cell phone messages.

Charles Dickens has made his way to Bedford, NH: a woman turned herself in after a surveillance video revealed she had taught her young children to steal from jewelry display cases.

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