Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cindy Sheehan Exhausted By The Weight Of Her Own Narcissism

Phony hunger striker Cindy Sheehan has been hospitalized in Texas for exhaustion. She also underwent a biopsy to determine the cause of uterine bleeding.

It's all probably related to her "hunger strike", which is in actuality a ruse for her to get the credit that true hunger strikers receive without having to suffer the physical consequences. She gambled that protein shakes would bring her credit as a hunger striker without actually causing her any meaningful discomfort. While technically only a liquid diet, protein shakes are not exactly the same type of liquid diet that people like Gandhi lived on, and it looks like she lost her gamble. Now, the new Camp Casey will have to make do without her.

For the record, real hunger strikes look like this.

UPDATE: The reporting is even more phony than I realized.

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