Monday, August 28, 2006

NFL Steroids

The NFL may have a steroid scandal approaching. Not just a one-player, failed-drug-test type scandal, but a big-scale, everybody-looks-bad, the whole-league-is-dirty type scandal:

According to an investigative report posted on the Charlotte Observer's Web site on Sunday, a number of Carolina Panthers used a vast quantity and tremendous variety of performance-enhancing drugs during the team's 2004 Super Bowl season.


Players' names were blacked out on Wadler's report, but the Observer reported that six Panthers -- and three of the five starting offensive linemen from the Super Bowl team -- were taking performance enhancers. And many reported adverse reactions.

Although studies have shown that steroids can affect blood flow and contribute to strokes and heart disease, one member of the Panthers ignored a family history of strokes and took the drugs anyway.

This story is going to get bigger.

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