Saturday, August 12, 2006

News For Those Who Report The News Redux

Control of the press is an essential ingredient of a totalitarian regime. It is both a method of control and a pleasure to those who seek total political power. A person who desires to control behavior can mold a mind to produce a behavior, and is also by definition a person who takes joy in telling others what to think and do. In Lebanon, there is more documentation of Hezbollah's totalitarian designs, and we can at least hope that the new evidence is so obvious that even reporters will be forced to admit Hezbollah's true character, and report news from southern Lebanon with the appropriate skepticism.

From Little Green Footballs:

Photographer Alleges Unearthing of Bodies

From the international photographer's forum, photojournalist Bryan Denton, in a message from Beirut Lebanon, describes the most vile sort of photo staging imaginable...

It's an incredibly strong allegation from a very credible source.

Of course, this news comes to late to prevent a whitewash of the vicious pro-Hezbollah demonstrations in Washington.

It may take time, but perhaps reporters will learn if we keep rubbing their noses in the mess.


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