Sunday, August 20, 2006

Travel Notes

Some miscellaneous notes from the road:

  • United Airlines owes me frequent walking miles for all the times I've had to hike to the furthest corner of O'Hare's terminal 1 to catch a flight.

  • Did you know that there is a headquarters for the American Contract Bridge League? Did you even know there was an American Contract Bridge League? I knew neither until I drove by their large, white office complex in Memphis today. I did a double take and nearly veered into the car in the next lane. Their looking for a new accountant: you need a masters degree and to bid three clubs.

  • I was driving through a dark portion of the interstate tonight and saw what I thought was giant metal Star of David on the back of a flatbed truck. I spent maybe ten minutes ruminating on who in rural Mississippi might want a giant metal Star of David before the truck passed under some lights and I realized I was seeing things: it was just a big metal frame held down by ropes. I should have been more skeptical when the phrases "giant metal Star of David" and "rural Mississippi" passed through my mind simultaneously.

  • Two trips ago I had to buy some new luggage before my return flight because I'd torn the very old bag I'd brought with me. I got a rolling duffel bag from a PGA-themed shop in the airport and thought to myself, "Wow, that was really cheap for something for sale at the airport." But it wasn't cheap: it was overpriced for the completely useless bag it turned out to be. It literally fell apart at the seams as I took it downstairs to the garage on my way to the airport today. Now I have a new axiom: if you see it on sale at the airport, and it sounds like a great deal, it's because it's a piece of crap. The only things worth buying at the airport are overpriced, like wireless access, and liquor.

  • I made what AAA said would would be a 4 and a half hour drive in 3 hours and 20 minutes. All those hours playing Grand Theft Auto finally paid off.
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