Thursday, August 31, 2006

Correct, But Don't Apologize

No one should apologize, explicitly or implicitly, for suspecting that Omeed Popal was a lone jihadi. No one. Set the record straight if needed, but don't apologize.

The record of the media and public officials in denying the presence of Muslim terrorism in America, be it after loner's assault or when a group is found to be plotting an attack, is shameful. We are forced to navigate through every euphemism and denial that they can contrive in order to determine just how likely it is we might be killed for walking down the street. They force us to dig for facts on our own, and parse every neutered announcement, just to know what the basic facts are. It is contemptible that people who claim to serve the American public can't bring themselves to tell a story straight.

Public officials and journalists should apologize for putting American citizens in a position where suspicion is more reliable than trust. The smug politicos and journalists who look down their noses at the bloggers who suspected Muslim terror need to tell us why they think they can be smug when blogger suspicion has been correct every single time a rampage involving a Muslim has taken place in the past. Every single time bloggers have been right -- we're not the ones who should be apologizing.

Correct the record, but don't apologize.

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