Thursday, August 31, 2006

Midnight News -- 8/31/06

The UN is concerned that Israel's "immoral" use of cluster bombs against Hezbollah has made parts of south Lebanon dangerous and perhaps uninhabitable. Left unnoticed is Hezbollah's use of human shields that drew Israeli fire to civilian areas in the first place. Frankly, Israel's attacks humiliate the UN: Israel does what the UN claims it wants to do, but hasn't the will to do itself. Nothing is more humiliating than someone else fighting your battles, and that's how Israel humiliates the UN.

Israel has rejected the UN's request that the blockade against Lebanon be lifted. Respecting the position that terrorist put Israel in might benefit the innocent people that Kofi Annan claims to want to help, because the constant criticism of Israel's self-defense probably didn't aid Annan's diplomacy.

Iran is enriching uranium despite the deadline imposed by the major powers that they stop. They will never stop on their own. Every bit of rhetoric coming from the mullahcracy indicates that they believe the world is insane for not allowing them to have the bomb and for irrationally supporting Israel. Iran has a monstrous, aggressive government that will continue to threaten Israel, Iraq, and the West until it is deposed. Sanctions are the least we should be doing, and I hope that the U.S. imposes sanctions of its own if the other major powers lose their backbone.

The family of the woman killed by poor construction in Boston's Big Dig tunnel is filing a lawsuit.

According to an upcoming Russian mini-series, Stalin was more lover than fighter. I can think of about 100 million reasons why a soap opera about Stalin is grotesque.

Young Red Sox starter Jon Lester may have cancer.

Someone in Ho Chi Minh City was very, very horny, but will now have to go unsated.

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