Monday, August 14, 2006

Travel Again

I'm on the road again, going places that I've never been, so thus the light blogging. And actually, I've been to this city before, so technically I'm going places I've been, which doesn't sound half as interesting. It's actually hard for me to think of a city I haven't been to, but it's usually in an out for a presentation. I hardly get a feel for the place. It was better when I worked the booth at conventions, because then I could spend a few days somewhere. For most cities now, I only know the airport.

I slept through most of the flight, but sitting near me at the gate and in the rows in front of me on the plane was a woman with five young boys. They group was fascinating to watch. The mother hardly lifted a finger, but the boys were as well behaved as a group of young boys can be, given a pack of boys may as well be a pack of wild animals. I finally realized that this was because the oldest boy, maybe 8-years-old, acted like a sergeant and kept the reins on the little ones. The mother had a face like a mouse and a serene temper, and the boys all followed her very dutifully when she gave a command. It wasn't until we were getting off the plane that I realized she wore a jeweled cross, one that was only modestly gaudy, but which clashed with her otherwise plain appearance. I imagine it helps her state of mind. If the dad was nearby he didn't make himself known. A man who may have been the father said a couple of things to the boys, but I think he was just a polite bystander.

I'll be traveling and working most of the day tomorrow, so blogging will continue to be light. I'll post what I can when I can.

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