Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet Confession Doesn't Help

Seriously, I don't know how anyone can say the arrest and confession of Mark Karr settles anything. To me, the whole idea that he committed this crime just raises more questions.

Karr, a divorced father of three who listed jobs as a nanny on an internet resume, went to Bangkok this summer to look for a teaching job. At some point either before or after his arrival in Thailand he became wanted in California for possession of child pornography; he was arrested on that charge just days before starting the teaching job he had found.

Karr was caught because he communicated with University of Colorado Prof Michael Tracey, a filmmaker behind the documentary "Who Killed JonBenet". Tracey alerted authorities after Karr exhibited knowledge of the crime that had not been released to the public. However, Karr's ex-wife claims that he was with her in Georgia on Christmas day in 1996, and so could not have committed the crime.

My thought about how both these facts can be true is that Karr seems to be a prodigious pedophile. I wonder if it is possible Karr was able to infer facts from the extensive news reports, thus gaining credibility for himself with Prof. Tracey. A pedophile is by definition an obsessive, and so much time spent contemplating possibilities may have made him able to correctly deduce a fact, a perverted version of a dedicated doctor who deduces the nature of an illness from a handful of symptoms.

Of course, if the alibi holds up, then absolutely no questions have been answered. If it does not, we still have the problem of whether the suspect knew the Ramseys, and if so, how well he knew them:

Karr's arrest still left plenty of mystery, including his possible relationship to the Ramseys.

Some reports said he lived in Boulder at the time JonBenet was killed.

Others said he lived near the Ramseys in Atlanta when she was a toddler.

Mr Wood said the that Ramseys gave information about Karr to police before he was identified as a suspect.

He would not say how the Ramseys knew Karr.

The Ramseys always said an intruder killed their daughter, but police labelled them as suspects within days of the brutal killing.

Far from exonerating the Ramseys, Karr's arrest only muddies our knowledge of what happened that night.

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