Friday, August 18, 2006

The Secret Code is "Fletcher"

It's Friday night, and my wife and I are enjoying our regular Friday night Geek Fest, during which we loaf about the house and enjoy SciFi's original programming. For this summer that has meant a night watching new episodes of the two Stargate series.

The promo for tonight's episode of Stargate Atlantis is that a special code would be announced during the first airing of the show that would, for a limited time, allow people to unlock some special feature on the Atlantis page of the SciFi website. Of course, I originally disregarded this as a silly way to get people to watch the show's first airing rather than recording the`show and watching it later. And of course, the minute the code aired I had to know exactly what it unlocked. I mean, if you don't try then you won't know what's there and what's there could be really cool and how could you not use the code when you had the chance! Right?

So I go to the website and since everybody else is doing exactly what I'm doing the site won't load. I shouldn't be surprised the site crashed: Every Stargate fans is a) sitting in front of a computer, and b) obsessive enough to rush to the site the minute they saw the code flash on the screen.

I finally got through to the site, and it appears the code merely unlocked a clip of from tonight's episode. I'm not sure since the video wouldn't load, even though the rest of the site did.

What can I say: I'm a geek. As my wife puts it, with parents like us, our kid doesn't stand a chance of being cool.

UPDATE: The secret code for the 8/25 episode is Kolya. My wife and I are nothing if not predictable.

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