Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Connecticut Senate Primary Ends

Joe Lieberman trails against Ned Lamont at the moment, and given the number of votes left, he's probably done as a Democrat. I suspect he's out of the Senate as well, since I have a hard time believing he'll come back from this defeat to win a general election as an independent, should he choose to run.

Early on he was losing by 8 percentage points, but came to within 4 points with about 50% of the precincts reporting. But that difference has held steady with now 81% reporting.

It's rather depressing that the most prominent Jewish member of the Senate and one of the staunchest supporters of Israel may be replaced by Ned Lamont. Whatever his personal views, among his most rabid supporters are Daily Kos regulars, some of whom have expressed views that I would call deranged towards Israel's fight against Hezbollah.

Maybe it will balance out a little: paranoid, anti-Semitic loon Cynthia McKinney is losing her primary contest in Georgia.

UPDATE: Lieberman concedes, sort of. He's going to run as an independent. McKinney loses by a lot.

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