Sunday, August 06, 2006

Midnight News -- 8/6/06

Billy Graham was shot and killed on the south side of Chicago early Saturday morning, a murder that was probably gang related.

A substitute teacher in California is suspected of molesting hundreds of young girls.

A reality TV show in Russia tapes young teens competing for prizes while speaking only English. Appropriately, it's called "English-Land".

India and Pakistan are expelling one another's diplomats.

Saudis obsess over jealousy in marriage. As if jealousy were the problem in a country where women aren't even allowed to go outside without covering their faces. Saudi youth rebel by utilizing technology created in the societies their imams seek to destroy.

As commemorations of their liberation from Japan approach, South Koreans find themselves bombarded by pro-North Korean propaganda.

India seeks to acquire Coca-Cola's secret recipe.

It is possible to bet on when Fidel Castro will die.

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