Monday, August 07, 2006

Midnight News -- 8/7/06

Given the job I have and the job I'm looking for, I have less time for blogging and reading than I would prefer. This is one of the reasons I introduced the midnight news feature: I needed a place to record the various stories I saw during the day but didn't have time to research or write about fully. Having spent the last several hours writing cover letters and plotting follow-up calls, I decided to ask Google the most pressing question I had: why do job hunts suck. Google, in its infinite wisdom returned this: Korova Multimedia: The Job Hunt. God bless you Mr. Google, and if you wouldn't mind, please stop acting as red China's informant. On to the news.

The Washington Post employs a reporter unfamiliar with basic morality. I doubt many are shocked that such a figure insinuated himself into a premier position in journalism. Israpundit and Soccer Dad do the Post's employment audit for them.

The Afghan government concerns itself with protecting the Islamic virtue of its citizens.

Joe Lieberman, his party's Vice Presidential candidate in 2000, may have but one day left as a Democrat.

Arthur Knuckles is coming for your real estate.

Lawyers and criminals become as close to one another as you have always imagined.

Little boys beware. Not only do girls have cooties, some of them have rabies too!

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1 comment:

Soccer Dad said...

Thanks for the mention. I suspect that a big part of it is that Cody has sources. Many of those sources are what we would call terrorists. If he wants to keep those sources; well he needs to play by the rules. (Of course he probably sees nothing wrong with this that brings up the amorality you correctly identify.)

Good luck with the job hunt.