Friday, August 04, 2006

Toronto Baseball Hotties

I'm thinking I need to get to Toronto for a ball game.

The Chicago White Sox are there tonight, and I noticed that two hotties in slinky black dresses are waiting on the folks sitting behind home plate. A tall blonde and curvey brunette, if your keeping score at home. Baseball as cocktail party: what a great way to watch a game. I wonder if they know how to make a Manhattan.

The Sox gave up three runs in the bottom of the first. John Garland hung a changeup over the plate and Troy Glaus launched it to deep center for a home run. Garland has to hold the Blue Jays back from here on out, because it's going to be a while before the Sox have a chance to get those runs back. Roy Halladay is pitching, and pitching very, very well. Everything he throws is curvey, much like the hotties serving drinks behind home plate.

UPDATE: The Sox pulled out a win 6-3. Garland settled down after the three-run homer he gave up in the first, and two runs trickled through for the Sox over the next few innings. Both teams had baserunners, but both pitchers got out of trouble and were backed up by strong defense.

With the game at 3-2 Blue Jays, the Sox broke through in the fifth. A.J. Pierzynski, after throwing out a runner attempting to steal second in the bottom of the fourth, hit his own three-run homer, this one to left field, driving in Paul Konerko and Jim Thome.

After the Sox got a sixth run in the top of the ninth, Glaus got a solo homer off closer Bobby Jenks in the bottom of the ninth. Since it came after two strikeouts and before a third, it didn't really matter much.

I was a little surprised that Halladay lost like that, but that's baseball.

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