Sunday, August 06, 2006

Adblogging: The Fruit Guys Lyrics

A number of people have come across this post on the Fruit Guys, the Fruit Of The Loom underwear mascots, many of them searching for the lyrics to the songs in the commercials. Let it not be said that I do not aim to satisfy my readers.


I had a dream that my whole world was blue
A royal Xanadu
The world was so brand new

And everywhere the underwear was blue
And shades of cobalt too
What's a guy to do

My denim world had put me in a trance
The world embraced my slate blue underpants

Don't I know it's true
I'm so happy that I'm blue

My heart it bleeds but it's not red it's blue
My briefs are born anew
A cooler shaded hue

Visions of blue that transit space and time
Come crashing through my mind
As reason and as rhyme

Like steel blue clouds above a turquoise sea
The fabric plays its sweet blue symphony

And don't I know it's true
I'm so happy that I'm blue

To get the effect you see in the ad, the actor playing Apple moved backwards and performed the song backwards. The film was reversed and color effects were added to get the blue hue. I have to say, it's really a remarkable ad, and it's sort of a shame that all the talent that went into it is serving the banal purpose of selling underwear.

Next, the creepy commercial:
You Can't Over Love

Daddy wears his t-shirt in the cold Kentucky rain
While a boy in pure white briefs looks out the foggy window pane
And even though his hamster died he finds comfort this I swear

'Cause you can't over love your underwear
'Cause comfort ain't just found in teddy bears
There's no labels hanging anywhere
No you can't ever over love
Over love your underwear

Seriously, the mom in the video needs to stop fussing with the clothes line and tell her family to put on some pants.

Some readers have also been searching for the name of the song used in a third ad I wrote about, one that has the Fruit Guys playing the bongos as a bevy a underwear-clad beauties dance energetically before them. I can't help with the name of the song, except to suggest that the reason that it sounds familiar is becuase the ad's producers used a standard, simple format that's used in dozens of other such songs. In other words, it sounds familiar not because it's a specific song, but because it's an original song that uses the common elements of songs in the same genre, much like the other two commercials use the common elements of country ballads and contemporary rock.

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