Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Predictable Left

Despite being a movement which claims allegiance to nationalist movements around the world, the left, wherever it appears, always manages to sound and act exactly the same. As they have elsewhere, spouting almost identical rhetoric, thousands marched in South Africa to protest Israel's defense of its own right to exist:

The march, one of several organised around the country this week, was under the auspices of a broad coalition of trade unions, religious bodies and civil society.

It includes, among others, the Palestine Solidarity Committee, the Anti-War Coalition, the Muslim Judicial Council, the Anti-Eviction Campaign and the Congress of South African Trade Unions.

According to the Palestine Solidarity Committee, Israel should be condemned for its actions in Lebanon and Gaza.

The protest action in Cape Town, Pretoria and elsewhere was to urge the South African government to recall the South African ambassador from Tel Aviv and end all diplomatic relations with Israel, to call for trade and other sanctions on Israel and to demand that South Africans serving in the Israeli defence force be prosecuted.

It may as well have been Berkeley.

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