Friday, August 04, 2006

Divergent Scholarship

Below is the conclusion of an argument by two Middle East professors at the University of Toronto:

Beyond the Siniora Plan, Hezbollah and Israel both need to pay for the destruction they have wreaked on civilian infrastructure including investigating their leaderships' culpability for war crimes.

The Bush administration would do well to support the Siniora government diplomatically. Against the enormous political, humanitarian and environmental crisis, it trumps appeasement of Israel if the ceasefire is to heal Lebanon's war wounds and give U.S. diplomacy back some modicum of credibility and manoeuvrability in the region.

Continued failure to act in a decisive, comprehensive and just manner could haunt the world for decades to come.

Basically, the gist of the argument is that Israel is equally as evil as the Islamofascists they fight, and if we don't treat them as such and indulge the Islamofascist demands, Muslims will come to kill us.

Despicable for its implications, despicable for its stupefying lack of moral imagination, despicable for being so cowardly before a grave threat to Western, liberal culture.

Here is the argument of Victor Davis Hansen:
Our present generation too is on the brink of moral insanity. That has never been more evident than in the last three weeks, as the West has proven utterly unable to distinguish between an attacked democracy that seeks to strike back at terrorist combatants, and terrorist aggressors who seek to kill civilians.

It's remarkable that Hansen would so quickly and deftly diagnose the ailment from which our two Canadian professors suffer.


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