Saturday, August 05, 2006

Prediction: The Cease Fire Goes Nowhere

The U.S. is happy with the cease fire resolution before the security council, as is the U.K. Lebanon, however, is not happy at all:

Lebanon rejects a draft UN Security Council resolution which aims to brings about a ceasefire with Israel, and wants the text to be amended, a government source told AFP on Saturday.

"The Lebanese government is opposed to the Franco-American draft and has sent Lebanon's representative to the UN, Acting Foreign Minister Tarek Mitri, an amended text which includes Lebanon's demands," the source said.

Rather a profound problem if that amended text removes references to the Lebanese army taking control of the Israeli border, as that is the only part of the resolution that has a chance of ensuring real peace.

Thus far, Israel has only indicated that it would accept UNIFIL as the force initially responsible for overseeing the cease fire. They had previously demanded a multinational force be in place before they would cease hostilities.

Atlas Shrugs is with good reason enraged. Israpundit is contemptuous of the resolution for the gorilla which it ignores. Right Wing Nut House believes Hezbollah is the loser in the agreement. Captain's Quarters is encouraged, but I think he expects too much of the Lebanese.

My own prediction is that little or nothing will come of this resolution.

The ultimate point of failure will be that by indulging Hezbollah's demands for a prisoner release and the return of the Shebaa Farms it presumes to treat radical Islam as a negotiating partner and not an enemy. But the blood lust won't end with a piece of paper. Unless Hezbollah is dismantled, there will be no peace, and anything less than their defeat will only encourage further violence against Israel, Jews, and the West in general. People can talk about containment and stability all they want, but those policies merely signal weakness to the Muslim radical and will only create a fetid pool in which Islamofascism can breed. Since it is founded on a false premise, it cannot hope to succeed, and this will probably become clear to both Israel and the U.S. long before the agreement's provisions are ever implemented, if only because Hezbollah's continued rocket attacks make the truth painfully obvious.

It's a travesty that our leaders so often ignore the evidence that steadily mounts regarding radical Muslim intentions. They firebomb synagogues, undermine legitimate states by fomenting terror within their borders, send girls to blow themselves up in Jewish crowds, randomly murder the innocent they suppose to be their enemies, and violate the most basic civilized norms. And no number of UN resolutions will ever convince such people they are in the wrong, or to lay down their arms.


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